Happiness Land

A few years ago during Christmas time a friend came up with the idea of collecting gifts for kids that live in the country side, we collected a lot of stuff, specially Pan Dulce (Pannettone) and other small stuff.
We drove there, I had no idea where that place was, it was a little town in the middle of now where, there were no asphalted routes to arrive there, and we had to go drive thru a very long dirt road most of the way. I’m glad we didnt had a flat tire or an emergency, there was absolutely no other soul around for many miles.
After driving a good 4 hours we arrived to a place forgotten in time, it was a picture perfect landscape with many tall trees and long wild grass.
Kids were running everywhere, they approached the car, as they never saw one, smiling, laughing and speaking Guarani.
The were playing soccer barefoot, most of them were wearing old clothes full of holes, moms were not worried to leave their kids to play in that big open area, they knew they were safe and all were looking for each other like a big family…
We took the goodies to the Majors house, he was the wealthiest person in the whole town but barely had running water in his house, he offer us to great lunch and thanked us so much for all the stuff…and I thanked him…
The people in Happiness land had so little, just perhaps the basics…but they had a great connection with nature, they could see bright stars at night and play barefoot, they didnt know what internet is or even understood the concept of a video game and they didnt care because they were already happy, they didnt need that what some people call “Evolution”, or a bunch of stuff to fill the emptiness…
The kids in Happiness Land ran freely and hopeful…they enjoyed the moment, the instant
I, myself learned that one can be happy with so little and that happiness is not attached to wealth, that most things are just to fill the emptiness of the soul…nevertheless I still can not imagine my live without a microwave.
I’m glad that I visited the land of the Happy…the Happiness land like I like to call it.


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