Social networking in Paraguay

Since I arrived for vacation in Paraguay 2 month ago I noticed a very big internet usage growth in Paraguay, more people are connected on the internet and for more hours everyday. People in Paraguay, specially in Asuncion, spend a lot of time on Facebook and Orkut everyday, they share their photos, lives and now they even are starting buying things thru facebook.
I made a social experiment, I created a facebook fanpage to see how would people react to it and what would I get with it, I started putting some simple information, then sent the page to my friends and asked them to suggest the page to other friends, then uploaded the things I wanted to sell and in no time I had more than 500 fans and actually now I can say that most of 90% of my sales are thanks to my fanpage on facebook.
Statistics says that Paraguay has more than 230.000 facebook users at this time and that will grow on a great scale.
People in Paraguay are willing to try new technology and now most of the businesses based in Paraguay have their own fanpage where they reach most of their customers.
Unlike websites that are static a fanpage is a interactive way to reach the customer and fullfil their needs.
Using social networking people feel in a community environment and tend to trust the company and interact with it, its a great way to make new contact, make a sale, introduce a new product or share an experience or tip about something.
What I love is that Paraguayans have an open mind about tecnology, and i find that social networking is here to stay and to reach new ways creating a new economy and perhaps and most likely new and creative jobs developing interesting stuff .
Now the new tendency in paraguay is that people dont ask about your number anymore…they just assume they will find you on facebook or orkut and find out a little bit more about yourself.
I’m leaving Paraguay shortly but I’m very glad that thanks technology (facebook, orkut, email, etc) I will be in touch with a bunch of friends and of course will be following the things and people that I like.

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