Asuncion nightlife!

I visited recently Paraguay and while I was there I saw a lot of new stuff going on, for instance there are so many new buildings and constructions going on specially close to the Shopping del Sol area, sometimes I wonder where all this money comes from? I surely have no idea.
There are a lot of new stores, bars and restaurants are blooming!
Asuncion night life is at its best point, a lot of different places for different tastes, now you can find from sushi to mexican food and all in between, great and exquisite cusine everywhere.
People go out from monday to mondays and it seems that Asuncion’s nightlife is here to stay.
I was surprised to see the many new places they inaugurated in less than 1 year.
T.G.I. Fridays, Hooters, Pizza Hut, Burger King and Mc. Donalds are some American Chains available in Asuncion.
A new very popular thing is to go out for a coffee and most coffee places even open until midnight and 1 or 2 am during the weekends, you can find very nice sweets and pastries in these places…specially great cakes.
To mention a few great places to visit for a coffee or tea with friends, during the afternoon or early evening I would recommend my favorites:
El Cafe de Aca ( the coffee or here, very typical place, visit it is a MUST, please try the Mbeyu while there), Medialunas Calentitas (their specialty are different types of croissants but you also will find anything from toasts to empanadas there), Havanna Cafe, 1811 a very nice place to hangout and Abuela Goye (a bit pricey but their cakes are the best)…all these places mentioned above are close to each other around Lillio and Senador Long. Asuncion.
My favorite places to go out at night are: Britannia Pub, 904 (both in Downtown), Cafe Bohemian, Kilkenny, Kamastro, El Bar, Liquido…the Whole Paseo Carmelitas Area where you can find these places and more…also the new Moby Dick, and Glam and Candy could be a good option if you like to go out to dance.
All places are very fun, with great music, great people and fantastic ambience, you wont regret getting to know Asuncion’s nightlife!
A great place I recommend is the Peruvian Restaurant called la Flor de la Canela in downtown Asuncion.
Some places are pretty pricey, so be ready to spend around 30$ or 40$ per person at night if you visit high profile places like Moby Dick and dont forget to make reservations, in some places you can not enter without a reservation.
Im going to make a list of the best restaurants pretty soon.
To know a little bit more about Asuncion’s nightlife and see some pictures of people enjoying the night dont forget to visit:

I hope you enjoy Asuncion’s Nightlife!


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