Asuncion non conventional lodging options.

Besides the conventional hotels in Asuncion which are pretty much the same in the whole world, I made a research and want to present you 4 good alternatives to the hotel options.
Finding a good place to stay in Asuncion is not easy, it took me a lot of time to research and to come out with these interesting options.
Obviously if you are an “hotel” kind of person, these are not good options for you.
But if you want a non conventional and still save approach to lodging one of these options could fit you very well.
Lets start.
1- The black Cat hostel:
Address: Dirección: Eligio Ayala,129 – Asunción, Paraguay (downtown Asuncion) shared rooms cost around 11$ and the ambiance is like any hostel, fun, relaxed and bohemian. You can make reservations here:

2- Asuncion Vacation Rentals: A fun place to stay in the house of a local person, with independent entrance, security, internet, living room and bedroom, its like owing an own apartment in Asuncion, close to main malls, Annie is very friendly and will make you stay at home, you can contact here here:
Prices from around 40$ per day but the place is big, could sleep many people. Even if you have kids you can take them and you may even get free babysitting if you want to go out at night =)

3- Another good and hidden option is the Internado Evangelico of Asuncion, my friend stayed there for less than 10$ a day, she said it was ok, she had a shared room, and the location is pretty good too, It is Evangelic so I guess it is kind of safe to stay there, and it looks pretty decent too, I just found a link from a text written by a person that stayed there and here is what she says regarding this place:

4- And last but not least a good option is to find “couch” on couchsurfing, ( I have many friends in Paraguay that offer “couch” for free at their places, So check it out, even if you are not staying there you can always meet for drinks or coffee with local people to share experiences and they will be happy to show you around and give you safety and fun advices.

I hope you enjoyed my guide to a fun and non conventional lodging options.

Let me know which options describes you best! Enjoy your trip!


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