Paraguayan Bicentennial Celebration in Philadelphia on May 14th 2011

This year Paraguay celebrates 200 of Independence from Spain. Our Independence was declared 15 May 1811.  Two hundred years as a free country is a good reason to Celebrate with a Music Festival. ( “Gran Gala Festival de la Canción Philadelphia PA“)

Bicentennials celebrations will be held in many countries were fellow paraguayan citizen have migrated to.

In Paraguay there is much going on, buildings are being restored, churches are being illuminated…streets are being repaired, everybody seems to be so excited about this milestone.

It is been a pleasure to be part of the comite of the Paraguayan Bicentennial Celebration, it is great to have all these conference calls with the comite and even with our Embassator which has shown a great professionalism and support to our celebration.

This year our Celebration will be held at the Kimmel center in Philadelphia, on May 14th.  A lot of Famous Paraguayan artists residing in the US and in Paraguay are coming to perform at the event.

People Paraguayans and no Paraguayans from all around the country are coming to this big even, to celebrate together as brothers 2 hundred years as a free country.

As a part of the comite I learned a lot! I did my research and throught friends and friends of friends I found out that there are so extremely taletend musicians in Paraguay that I had no idea of.

I really had the chance to talk to some of these musicians and I’m really impressed of their talent.

Here is a link of one of them, his name is Rodrigo Pampliega and he plays 5 instruments!

I’m really happy about everything what is going on, specially discovering that our country has so many talents leads me to research even more and bring these artists to light and show the world what our country has many beautiful things to offer. 

Supports and sponsorships are being accept for the Gala, you or your company will get mention on the website, on the program, on the stage and in many other places.

Please contact me if you are interested in supporting our Bicentennial Celebration which will be a Music Festival never seen before.


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