A friend Richard Portillo is sharing this great view of Altos with us

Gracias Rikillo!!!

It personally find Altos a very charming place, with beautiful views.

It makes me remember the time we went there with some friends to have a typical sunday day, so we drove from Asuncion to San Ber and then to Altos is not far at all, let’s say 15 more minutes or even less from Samber.

We arrived in downtown and went to have lunch in a very charming place called Comedor Ña Ñeca, where they have the most exquisite and tradicional paraguayan cuisine, I was really impressed by the people arriving from different towns and cities to have lunch in Altos at that place, and I was very glad we made the same choice

I went with some really great friends which is totally miss, I ordered a bife cogua, that is like a steak with onions and eggs on the top, was delicious, my friend Rosa loves the Surubi fish there, so I’m thinking of trying it next time I go to Altos. You just can’t go wrong with Surubi.

Altos is a very calm, quiet city, it is beautiful, it has a great Church and lots of Palm trees, great views. Altos means hights and it’s true, it some how located on a hill, from where you can see the whole Ypacarai lake boreded by San Bernardino, Ypacarai and Aregua cities.

Paraguay, Altos, vista del LagoBife a caballo


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  1. JE Says:

    Nice photo of the scenery and the dish looks delicous. I will have to remember the name of the restaurant and try it someday.

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