Organizing my trip to Paraguay!

Asuncion, aerial viewTime is flying…many of you know im planning to travel to Paraguay in mid June…and just today I was thinking about that and realized that it is only 5 months away

In the best case scenario it takes 24 hour hours and at least 1500$ from Seattle to Asuncion, so before my trip I have it get ready, because it is a long trip, last year I went to China and it took me only 18 hours to the opposite side of the world, ironically traveling to Paraguay which is in the same continent takes longer, with more connections and twice as expensive.

Before my trip I have to: 1- Save some money because that is the only way I can afford traveling so far every year, will have to sell a lot of jewelry thru my new website, pretty soon, when is ready I will let you know the name.

2- I have to lose some weight, maybe 10 pounds, since in Paraguay eating and going out is socially I can’t arrive fat because while there things get worse, so I have to lose 10 pounds so I will not come back rolling. lol (I have some great tips to lose weight so I will keep you updated on that.)

3- Reserving my tickets with time, I will check my miles, maybe I’m lucky

4- I would like to buy another camera to take better pictures, so I have to work on that too

5- Buy presents, presents and more presents for my whole family and friends! Every year I say that I wont buy presents again because my suitcases always are overweighed but finally I ALWAYS end up buying gifts for everybody, people love things they can’t find or afford there, so for girls Victoria’s Secret lotions and body mist is a good option, tons of chocolates and kids and baby clothes what they love. (I will keep you updated how it goes)

6- I’m thinking about a challenge: Learning Guarani, I’m not sure yet about this but I think that is one of the most expressive languages of the world and maybe that would be a great goal…let me sleep over that idea ;)

7- This year im going to travel more to the country side, and I would like to visit some foundations in the Paraguayan chaco, those people are doing a great job, maybe you and I can help too!, let me know if you want to get involved somehow. Check them out

Fundacion Melodia and Pai Puku

8- I don’t have a number 8

9- Email and letting people know that im traveling, make a list of my friends numbers, things to do, places to visit, and of course I’m going to work there too, and keep studying Chinese as I did last year, Paraguay is my second house so I’m not a tourist there, my life has to be as normal as possible.

10- Having a ticket in hand, 10 pounds lighter, my bags packed (overweighed as usual) full of gifts, a new camera…how exciting is that? Wanna join?

and of course while im there I will blog more than ever to tell you how things are, how the changed and what is my prospective about them. I will keep you updated with what’s going on till June!


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  1. Eric Says:

    i was planning trip to Paraguay. I noticed your $1500 airfare. I saw this travel agent in florida ( round trip tickets from miami to asuncion for $515. Ever heard of them? Sounds cheap. Thanks for all your information on Paraguay. It been dificult to find information like you posted.

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