22 Things you probably don’t know about me

1- My mom is German, my dad from Syria.

2- I never broke a bone, I was always well behaved and careful.

3- I was in a bad car accident when I was 15, I drive well even though I avoid freeways, I’m somehow still afraid

4- I have aragnophobia- A non rational fear of spiders, I just freeze when I see a spider, even in photos. yuck!!

5- The movies I love are the Dead Poet Society, Amelie and The Notebook (among 100 others)

6- I went swim alone with my dog in a big lake at the age of 8, no adults present,  looking back I said I was crazy!

7- I love lava lamps (I can stare at them all day and night), antique cars (want to own a mustang someday) earrings, and lip gloss the ones who know me can tell.

8- I dyed my hair at 16 and never stopped since then (tried out almost anything but blonde) the pink really looked good!

9- I’m fluent in 5 languages and I’m learning over a year now the 6th one (Chinese, which is a big challenge)

10- I’m very funny  (always come up with some crazy idea)

11- I met Bill Gates in a coffee house in downtown Seattle and had a chat with him (He seems very simple and to be nice guy), he was with his wife and no body guards walking aroung Pike Place Market.

12- I never polish my hand nails and use them short (sometimes I bite them, not often though)

13- I’m the only girl among 4 brothers (i’m the number 3)

14- I studied 3 years Drama and performed in a Play.

15- I dance and sing while walking with my music player on. (people may think I’m crazy, am I?)

16- Went at 2 am to take pictures in Downtown Asuncion (how scary is that!)

17- I have two plants in my home, the two are plastic.

18- I never drink tea or coffee with water boiled in a microwave, I boil water in a kettle, it tastes totally different.

19- I’m a Capricorn!

20- I have 38 (yesterday a friend gave the number 39 as a gift)  perfumes but I’m still looking for the perfect fragrance.

21- A tale (La Biografa) in a published book was dedicated to me and has my name printed on it. The book is called Ladrillos del Tiempo by Jose Manuel Perez Reyes.

22- I posed for a painter twice and bought one of the paintings which became the logo on this blog.

Well, I guess you now know me better than before, and I hope you enjoyed it =) Care to share your 22 things?


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