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I’m Muna, I’m from Paraguay, now living in the United States.

I will start this blog about Paraguay because there is a lack of information about it…

One month or so ago, I was searching some info about Paraguay on google and I came up with 2 posts on trip advisor (people post there to get some info about the cities they want to travel to)…well, so I answered both posts, on the next day I got at least 5 emails from different people asking me different things about Paraguay.

I was very glad to know that there are people out there willing to get to know or visit Paraguay, so then back and forth with emails I got an email asking about my Paraguay photographs, since im an amateur photographer I love to register and document my trips, not just with beautiful touristic photos, but also with everyday scenes, people, streets, architecture, etc.

While wandering around Asuncion I thought about the idea of writing a blog about Paraguay, and it was the perfect time since i was there on vacation for 3 months i had enought time to notice unnoticeable things and to gather some interesting information about places and things to do, not to mention the great experiences i had every minute during this awesome trip.

So, now im here blogging about this largely unknown country called Paraguay.

P.S. I realize that my English sucks, so if you are looking for Shakespeare you probably want to look somewhere else :-)

If you have any questions or need more information about Paraguay I would love to help you (time permitting).

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